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Is Apple's 'next big thing' the iPhone Pro?

Is Apple's 'next big thing' the iPhone Pro?

A "special edition 10th-anniversary iPhone" doesn't really make much sense to me. It's the sort of short-term thinking that Apple doesn't really buy into. Apple is a company that keeps its eye on the big picture.
This is why calling it the iPhone Pro makes much more sense.
As bits of gossip, breaks, and production network babble offer us a clearer picture of what Apple has gotten ready for its up and coming $1,000 OLED iPhone, obviously Apple will take the iPhone in another course. That is to say, if all that we're as of now finding out about the new iPhone is genuine - OLED show, increased reality, absolutely new shape consider, remote charging, USB-C supplanting the Lightning port, a patching up of the Home catch and Touch ID sensor - then we're taking a gander at an entirely enormous redo, and one that is weighted more towards transformation than development.
That doesn't seem like some "uncommon version tenth commemoration iPhone," it sounds more like an absolutely new class of gadget. What's more, that "iPhone 8" name that is doing the rounds truly doesn't bode well (I mean, what happens when the standard iPhone ticks over to 8?), and is just going to include disarray, particularly if Apple additionally discharges the iPhone 7s/7s Plus. 
Here's a superior name: iPhone Pro.
It's reasonable, compact, and offers an unmistakable approach to separate between the first iPhone and the new iPhone. 
A Pro line is just the same old thing new to Apple. It has a Mac Pro (well, kind of), a MacBook Pro, and an iPad Pro. This implies the marking will be well known to those as of now in the Apple biological system. 
Calling it the iPhone Pro additionally bodes well if Apple is wanting to include the enormous separation of dumping the Lightning port for USB-C, which would open up the iPhone to an entire exhibit of new extras. The Pro moniker makes it clear this is an alternate class of gadget. 
Furthermore, just yesterday, Apple CEO Tim Cook told speculators Apple will "accomplish more in the expert zone." Many interpreted this as meaning a reestablished enthusiasm for the Mac Pro and different instruments for imaginative, however this doesn't bode well since these items are a drop in the sea contrasted with the trade the iPhone hauls out for Apple. 
In the event that Apple needs to "accomplish more in the expert region," the iPhone is the ideal place for Apple to make this move. 
In this way, I'm calling it here. iPhone Pro.
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