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Runkeeper: The best Apple Watch running app sent the Garmin Fenix 3 to a drawer

Runkeeper: The best Apple Watch running app sent the Garmin Fenix 3 to a drawer

In my journey to discover a smartwatch that can likewise remain on my wrist to track my running, I've been through many distinctive gadgets. This incorporates wearables from Garmin, Polar, Apple, Samsung, TomTom, and the sky is the limit from there. I may have at last found what I require thanks in extensive part to an application. 

A year ago I obtained a Garmin Fenix 3 HR and it is a mind blowing GPS sports watch that tracks each detail I could seek after amid runs. I am a recreational runner who is attempting to hold my weight down, accomplish some individual bests, and enhance my wellbeing for a quality life as I age. It's uncommon that I take a gander at the nitty gritty details from my Garmin and there is no genuine group of my loved ones in the Garmin biological system. 

I acquired the Apple Watch Arrangement 2 a couple of months back and attempted the main arrival of Runkeeper for watchOS 3. It made an awesome showing with regards to with following runs and matching up to the administration, however there was no GPS status so runs started with a stage of confidence that the Apple Watch was catching the information. The absence of GPS status is a similar thing we find in the Apple Workout application and in S Wellbeing on the Samsung Equip S2 and S3. It's a little detail, however one that made me stay with the Garmin Fenix 3 HR. 

Several months prior Runkeeper overhauled its application and included a little GPS flag marker to the upper right of the dispatch screen. This minor change incited me to give the Apple Watch Arrangement 2 another possibility. 

Runkeeper for Android Wear, watchOS, and Rock has dependably offered only an exceptionally fundamental interface and despite the fact that I am a recreational runner it was never enough. The current upgrade didn't simply include the GPS flag marker, yet we now observe the capacity to alter the three fields for measurements you need to see while running, see a heart rate chart for as long as five minutes, and view your pace for as far back as five minutes with a line demonstrating your objective pace so you can change in a hurry. These are welcome augmentations and I anticipate considerably more.

Image: RunKeeper

 Run data is incorporated with the Apple Activity app and also syncs up to the Runkeeper website. For some odd reason, the website only shows the basic stat summary, your GPS maps, and heart rate tracking. The iOS Runkeeper app shows your splits, pace chart, heart rate chart, and stride rate chart so there is more data being captured than shown on the website. If you then open up Runkeeper on an Android device, you will also see an elevation chart.
I went on a six mile run yesterday with the Apple Watch on one wrist and the Garmin Fenix 3 HR on the other. The heart rate tracked about the same and the difference in distance was only 0.05 miles (264 feet). I've seen repeated accuracy like this for the Apple Watch Series 2 so it meets my needs for accurate GPS run tracking.
In addition, I am motivated by music and more than any other wearable I have tested the Apple Watch streams music to my Bluetooth headset flawlessly. The Apple Watch is also a fantastic smartwatch, allowing me to communicate with people, track my other activity, see key information quickly, and more. Battery life has been fantastic and even after tracking my day there is still enough juice left to go on a nice run in the evening.

I was completely wrong about GPS on the Apple Watch and am extremely pleased with it as a wearable that meets all my needs. The Apple Watch may not be the next iPhone, but it is an excellent GPS sports watch for many of us.
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