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How many iPhones did Apple sell every second during the last quarter?

How many iPhones did Apple sell every second during the last quarter?

Apple sold a record 78.29 million iPhones over the 1Q 17 quarter. That's a lot of iPhones. So many that quite a few people have said that they just can't get their heads around it.
Let's break it down.
That implies that for the 98 days that spread over the quarter Apple sold 798,877 iPhones a day, or 33,286 consistently, or 554 consistently. 

That works out at more than nine iPhones sold a moment, for consistently amid that 98-day time span. 

What's more, recall that each of those iPhones sold for a normal of $695. 

Expecting that each boxed iPhone weighs roughly 500g, plus or minus, that is more than 39,000 metric huge amounts of iPhones, which is what might as well be called around 630 Abrams M1A2 fight tanks. 

That is a ton of item to move in minimal more than three months. Furthermore, recall, the segments for these must be sent to the get together plants, collected, and after that delivered out the world over. 

iPhones are sent out of the get together production lines by FedEx utilizing Boeing 777 vessels, each of which can convey 100 metric tons. Figuring it out that implies it takes just about 400 flights over that three-month time span to move the iPhones. 

Furthermore, recall that we're simply discussing a solitary product offering, and it does exclude iPads or MacBooks or iMacs or whatever else that Apple offers. 

What's more, each iPhone ships with EarPods ,a territorial charger, a Lighting link, and a booklet which, well, I don't know what's in the booklet since I don't think I've ever perused it (who has time for that, am I right?). 

Think 78 million is a great deal? Consider that since its discharge Apple has produced, delivered, and sold over a billion iPhones. The size of the production network and dispersion arrange, also the gathering, testing and quality control, for such a variety of handsets is genuinely mind-boggling.
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