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Team of researchers design a robotic heart

Team of researchers design a robotic heart


team of researchers designed a robot works on a mimicking of the muscles of the heart.
This could help a lot of patients with heart disease and those who Ieno of heart failure in the protection of their lives.
Heart failure occurs when either of the heart's ventricles can no longer fulfill their duty of pumping blood around the body.
When the patient is placed on a waiting list for heart surgery may affect the doubling of illness or death,So this robot is designed to keep the patient's life during the waiting per

A new robotic heart

This week, a new proof of concept - published in the journal Science Translational Medicine - reopens the doors to heart compression devices. A team of biomedical engineers and clinicians from Harvard in Cambridge, MA, and Boston Children's Hospital has designed and tested a robotic sleeve that twists and compresses the heart in the same way that healthy ventricles would.

According to Dr. Nikolay Vasilyev, co-author of the current paper: "The soft robotic actuators are essentially artificial muscles." The thin silicon sleeve is tethered to an external pump that uses air to power the actuators.

robotic heart potential

The study's first author, Ellen Roche, Ph.D. - who is now based at the National University of Ireland Galway - says that: "We can independently control portions of the device and adjust assistance to a patient's needs." So, if one side of a patient's heart is weaker, it can be modified accordingly.

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