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7 Parts Of Your Body You Shouldn't Touch With Your Hands

 7 Parts Of Your Body You Shouldn't Touch With Your Hands 

Think of your body like it's a temple: It's yours to use, but there are some sacred spots you shouldn't put your grubby hands on.
"Research shows that hands play a major role in the transmission of germs," says Kelly Reynolds, PhD, an associate professor in the Zuckerman College of Public Health at the University of Arizona. "Even after proper washing, hands and fingers are rapidly re-contaminated from the surrounding environment."
That's especially true if you haven't clipped your nails lately, or if you sport some bling. Research from the University of Nebraska suggests that people who wear rings or keep their fingernails 2mm or longer tend to carry more microbes on their mitts. "My opinion is that the easier it is to clean your hands, the better off you are," says study author Mark E. Rupp, MD, professor and chief of the division of infectious disease at the University of Nebraska Medical Center.
The next step: keep your paws off these body parts as much as possible

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